At the same time, the potential winnings will be large and relatively certain if you constantly watch the games and follow clear rules. At the very beginning of this tactic, we would like to mention to you five main points that we will follow directly when implementing the issues of the game. First of all, you should only follow the game in live mode and place your bet after the first possible break. We bet on the player who is competing against a slightly higher ranked player. Thirdly, choose a player whose serves are extremely dangerous, in turn responding relatively easily to those of his opponent. If the bet on the prevailing player is at least 1.5 – you place your bet. In the end it is necessary to control the event and watch it calmly until the end. Even with a bet of $20, this will give you a clear win of $10. This trick is effective if we actually watch the games and check the matches already in progress in which the outcome prevails in favour of one player, but at the same time the match seems relatively even. Then the betting algorithms automatically increase until they can reach the coefficient 1.5 mentioned here. Then making further decisions is much easier and more beneficial for the player himself.

How and when to use this strategy

live tennis

In the following text, we want to further support you with expert knowledge on how to use this strategy on specific sites. It is important to keep in mind that just using tactics is not enough. A sophisticated player, who wants to win systematically and as much as possible, will always perform several further steps. Here we mean checking the odds and promotions, although there are more aspects that may count (service, simplicity of operation, intuitiveness, responsiveness, feedback from the community, lack of underestimation after a certain time). In terms of odds, the first thing to check is the next few bookmaker sites. They offer different statements and sometimes after checking ten brands you find out that one of them will offer about a dozen percent more for the game. This is a big difference which you will certainly not be indifferent to, especially if you play for even higher stakes than the aforementioned 20 USDos. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also be supported by bonuses, which we have listed below in detail to those that will allow you to secure the most bonus funds.

Available bonuses in bookmaker bets

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The first deposit bonus is the first one we will come across. It is a basic subject, therefore it is worth paying attention to. The basic arrangements are important, as well as any conditions and rules we’ll face. This is because bookmakers usually have considerable requirements towards the funds we will collect in this way. Don’t skip any point, because it may even have an impact in the end on losing all the bonuses gained. However, we should start with what such a proposal entails. With a deposit of a certain amount we usually receive a doubling of our money. This means that in case of a deposit we may get even 100 or 200% of the base rate. This parameter is variable and depends on which site you landed on. It is worth reviewing a few specific positions to find the ones that will suit you best. Sometimes it can be as little as 50%, but for example up to many times the amount. Free cash is never refused, so let’s start with the right nudge. On top of that there is cashback or free bets. This is a very interesting option that allows you to get back part of the money you bet. For example, giving away a free bet is common. The player chooses the event he/she is interested in and in case of failure even 100% of the betting money is returned to his/her account. This is a very safe game and also appreciated by Poles. If you are a beginner and you value every penny very much, this will give you peace of mind. The important thing is that the action can be renewed and we don’t have any limitations that will eliminate our desire to play this way again.

Bonus money (reload bonus, cash top-up) is an equally apt and nice action of online operators. It works on similar principles as the first deposit bonus, but usually applies to smaller amounts of money. Some offer such actions even once a week, so you gain funds for almost every football game or other sport you happen to prefer. The percentage situation is also slightly smaller, but considering the simple rules, it’s still a free add to your account that beginners and advanced players alike will benefit from. You don’t have to agree to the bonus of course, but the contraindications for such action are actually minimal. Finally, a few words about the bonuses for inviting your mates. If you know that one of your friends is interested in football, why not encourage them to play together? The affiliate system works so well that it would be a sin not to take advantage of such a promotion. What exactly are we talking about? Depending on the bookmaker, we will receive bonuses for each player who will use our reference link. Usually we can count on cash, but it may be a percentage of the deposits of the other person or even free spins to use on subsequent products of your gaming operator. And it must be said that there is much more action, at every turn.

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