Hence, several solutions have been developed which, when combined, give us the full combination to which you need to adhere. The important thing here is to be fully implemented into the system, you cannot deviate from it under any circumstances, as disrupting this stability will negatively affect your bottom line.

How to manage cash at high stakes

Thus, in the first field we have the Combo 3 system, which requires placing a new bet each time the first one was lost with a value higher by 1.5. In the second system it is necessary to bet for more by 1.33, in the next by 1.25 and in the last by 1.20. In order to understand these stakes in detail, however, it is necessary to download an excel file, which you can find on the Internet by searching for the name Sir John in German: Moneymanagement-System für Hochquoten-Wetten. The table is divided into special parts on the basis of which you complete the calculations for losses and play for subsequent stakes. Since the only thing you have to do in this case is to adapt to the data of the lady of the table, below we will additionally present some promotions that will have a clear and strong influence on the money you win. The table and the strategy of large sums goes well with this, especially in cases where the bookmaker offers high roller bonuses, which means very high stakes in the game.

Bonuses in every bookmaker’s offer


The welcome bonus is of course the first one all players come across. It is offered by virtually every bookmaker. The only exceptions may be young companies, which can’t afford to take such actions yet. However, it seems a complete abstraction to survive on the market without support of this type. This promotion is aimed at all those who do not have an account yet, but are considering opening one right now. Everything is based on the first deposit, which is increased by a percentage rate. For example, at 100% up to USD 1,000 you will get a really good deal. This gives you a total of 2,000 to continue playing. Of course these values are variable and everything depends on the company you decide on. Some of them duplicate the venture and spread it over several successive deposits, giving bonuses on the second, third or even fourth deposit. All of this is, of course, linked to terms and conditions. Be sure to read them, so that you don’t have to feel bad about your own mistakes. Usually actions of this type are connected with such issues as: the necessity of trading X times, time for realization of the assumptions, the number of people in the household who can take advantage of the action. And who doesn’t like free coupons? Each of us wants to win as much as possible, while not necessarily investing a lot of money.

That is why free coupons are such an interesting and addictive action. Bookmakers often provide them to starting players, but from time to time these actions are repeated. Thanks to this you can, for example, bet on a selected match (or a group of matches) up to the value of USD 50. If you win, the cash is yours, if not, you lose nothing. There are some variations of this. In this way you can gain, for example, cashback in a chosen percentage (not necessarily the whole value) as it happens in casino promotions. This allows you to continue playing, but is often linked to wagering requirements, i.e. you cannot withdraw the cashback immediately after it is credited again. We have previously advised you to follow the terms and conditions, so again we encourage you to read them and stay up to date.

Then there are top-ups. This is also a well-known action. It is addressed to players who have long since completed the welcome action or have not had the opportunity to use it. Top-ups, or “reloads”, are a way to win extra money when depositing. Usually it’s 50% of the indicated value, often up to 100 or 200 USD. There are bookmakers who offer more, but these are sporadic sites. The undertaking may be repeated, so check from time to time what you can count on and what to expect from a particular action.


Betting strategies

Bookmaker bonuses are modified by many depending on what coupon you bet. Some companies decide to raise the stake. The more events you add to a classic coupon, the more you win. Thus, with five matches you will gain 5% more, and with 10 even up to 50%. Of course, the chances of success are not the highest, but thanks to this you gain a cash injection, which often reaches tens of thousands of dollars and more. Loyalty points – as our last topic – are very important. Thanks to them you are able to strengthen your account. Many bookmakers decide on different unveilings of this undertaking. Some allow you to exchange points for real cash, while others give rewards for doing so. The idea itself is based on active play. The more you turn over cash, the more points flow into your account and more avenues open up for you. It’s a great combination which you can combine with e.g. recommending registration to your friends, usually for such actions you will get from 50 to 200 dollars. All this sounds good, right? So just win!

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