The Netflix original series Stranger Things has quickly become a pop culture phenomenon. One of the reasons the show is so successful is because it is jam-packed with memorable, scene-stealing scenes. Each episode features a moment that makes you sit on the edge of your seat, just like when you take a risky gamble on Casino National.

Whether it’s Eleven’s confrontation with the bullies in the school cafeteria, the kids investigating the strange happenings in the upside down, or the tense showdown between the Hawkins gang and the Demogorgon, there are plenty of scenes that stick with you long after you finish watching the show. It’s these types of scenes that make Stranger Things such an addictive watch. You never know what’s going to happen next, and each episode leaves you wanting more.

The scene where Eleven first uses her powers

Eleven first uses her powe

The scene where Eleven first uses her powers is when she is in the woods with Mike and she is trying to find Will. They see a group of men in black coming towards them, and Mike tells Eleven to use her powers to stop them. She concentrates and uses her powers to stop the men in black.

The scene where the Demogorgon first appears

The scene where the Demogorgon first appears in Stranger Things is one of the most suspenseful and frightening scenes in the entire series. It’s nighttime, and the Demogorgon has just appeared in the Upside Down. Will and the gang are in the process of trying to find a way to close the portal to the Upside Down, and the Demogorgon is slowly making its way towards them. They have no weapons, no defensive spells, and no way to close the portal. They run for their lives, with the Demogorgon hot on their heels. They’re able to make it to safety.

The scene where Eleven kills the Demogorgon

The scene takes place in the final episode of the first season, and it is the moment when the Demogorgon finally catches up to Eleven and Mike. Eleven is able to kill the Demogorgon with her telekinetic powers, but at the cost of her own life. As she dies, she asks Mike to never forget her, and he promises that he never will.

The scene where Will is reunited with his mother

The scene where Will is reunited with his mother

It was an emotional moment for Will when he was finally reunited with his mother after being separated for so long. He had been through so much during his time in the upside down and she was the only one who truly understood what he had been through. She was there for him no matter what, and he knew that he could always count on her.

The scene where the Mind Flayer takes over Will’s body

The scene where the Mind Flayer takes over Will’s body is one of the most chilling scenes in Stranger Things. The Mind Flayer is a fearsome creature that can take over a human body and control it at will. When it takes over Will’s body, it is able to control his actions and make him do things that he would never normally do. The scene is made even more chilling by the fact that the Mind Flayer is able to make Will’s body do things that are physically impossible for a human to do, such as contorting his body in unnatural ways.

The scene where Max escapes from Vecna

As she fell to the ground, Max was able to escape Vecna’s mental control and strike him by pulling a tendril from his neck. Vecna began tossing debris around her as she hurried toward her buddies. She plodded on and managed to get out of Vecna’s mindscape and curse.

The scene where Eddie shreds his guitar in the upside down

The Hellfire Dungeons & Dragons club’s leader, Munson, is slain in the climactic showdown by soaring, carnivorous “demobats.” Eddie experiences the ultimate hero moment just before he dies by buying time for his comrades to tackle the villain Vecna. He stands up on the upside down’s rendition of his caravan and unleashes the demobats with the guitar solo to end all guitar solos.

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